Sunday, January 27, 2013

School Desk Makeover

Hello, everyone!

Schools in Session around my house.
My daughter, Mattie, kept telling me she wanted a chair with a table attached together and I had no idea what she was talking about.  I thought maybe a vanity, so I went online and did a search for vanity's and she said "no, mom.  I want it together.  You know what I'm talking about".  I actually didn't have a clue.  Well, after a few hours a school desk came to my mind.  So, again I'm back on the internet for pictures and I said, "Is this what you want?" and she just started screaming "yes, mom. yes, mom.  I told you mom, you knew what I was talking about".  Finally, after many long hours, I knew what she was talking about.  I still have no clue where this idea of hers came from.  She must have seen it on a cartoon because at her brothers school they all have tables and chairs.

I then went on Craigslist and I searched for a school desk---yeah, yeah, yeah... I found one.

It was not in the best of shape, so I cleaned it well and painted it pink.  I also placed some stickers with her name and some other decorations on the back of the school desk.  I used stickers since I did not want to paint over the wood.

Here's why my 5 year old is so happy...

It was a very simple and easy project that made my daughter so very happy.
I'm sorry for no before picture, but she was in such a hurry.
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Monday, January 21, 2013

Valentine's Mantle

The love is in the air at our house.  Here is the Mantel and some other random Valentine's decorations scattered around my house.
First up is the Mantel:

I went to Michael's and bought the wood letters for the Love sign.  I was going to paint the letters, but I decided to mod podge Valentine tissue paper to them instead.  I attached the letters to some scrap wood that I painted red.

I also wanted another heart over on the right side which I didn't have, so I cut a heart from scarp booking paper and mod podged the same tissue paper to that, as well. 

The candles just have some Valentine's ribbon taped to them for some added color.

Here is my little entry way table decorated for V-day:

Last year I made this heart wreath from these really pretty roses I found at the Dollar Tree and I bought the heart grapevine wreath at Micheal's.  I also made me some love letters for the table (well, I can dream they are real, can't I?).

This wreath I made last year and it's hanging on my front door again.  I just love how it turned out.

These are above my entertainment center.  I love to decorate this area as well in our family room.  I found the Valentine subway art online and I had this plate so I decided to wrap some ribbon around it with hearts.  The Love letters and the felt banner are from Target this year.  I also made the rose ball from streamers after I saw it posted on Pinterest.  Here's the link if interested:  (

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